Gov. Holcomb, 2017 State of the State. “I will work with you to establish a plan that preserves what we have, finishes commitments we have made, and invests in the new projects for the future that ensures Indiana remains The Crossroads of America. These include projects in every quadrant of our state: upgrades of US 30 from Ft. Wayne to Valparaiso, and 31 to South Bend, …”

Eric Holcomb (Oct, 2016)  "US 31 can't be a hodge-podge of types of roads, it has to be a freeway.  In my mind, this is a top priority... I'd like to get it done as soon as possible.  It just makes sense - why do 70% of a project and not finish it?”

Lt. Governor Ellsperman (Jan., 2014)  “US 31 is a commitment already made…a commitment to complete the work.”

Governor Pence (Dec., 2013)  “This road is not a bypass.  This road is a freeway of opportunity for Kokomo and all of north central Indiana.”

Governor Pence (Feb., 2013)  “We’re going to finish US 31 to Indianapolis.”

Governor Pence (Jan., 2013)  “We will finish a freeway from Indianapolis clean to South Bend.”

Governor-elect Pence (Dec., 2012)  “Among his top priorities, Pence said, is finishing improvement to US 31 north of Indianpaolis.”

Mike Pence (June, 2012)  “I will be looking for high value projects like US 31 to headline the state’s next generation infrastructure plan…I support the US 31 Coalition in its efforts to promote the project, and if elected Governor, look forward to continuing to work with you and others to see it through to completion.”

Sens. Zakas, Buck, Broden, Head, Delph, Mishler, Yoder (April, 2013)  “Completing the two lengthy remaining segments would provide a north south expressway which would substantially benefit our state.”